Antalya Casino – Casino İstanbul

Antalya Casino - Casino İstanbul

Antalya Casino with extensive offer! When planning a vacation, the first thought that rings a bell is relaxation and fun. Antalya is a beautiful place when considering your next vacation, located in the southern coast of turkey, a seaside resort city, a standout amongst the popular destinations in Turkey. In this article, I will be discussing more on Antalya casino, whether it is legal to gamble at the online casino site in turkey and the safest online casinos to play at using real money. Read on!

The online casino industry is increasing its population daily and shows no signs of backing off. It appears that an ever-increasing number of people are trying casino games (  gazinolar ve gazino oyunlari  ) online daily. The reasons for its vast popularity are simple – online casino players get more for their dollar than visiting a physical casino.

Laws Governing Antalya Online Casino

When it comes to an Antalya casino in Turkey, strict rules and regulations apply. Despite the fact that Antalya is a secular city, the laws of the Turkish country remain profoundly influenced by Islam, which is apparent with regards to Turkey’s betting laws. Islamic belief unequivocally forbids all types of betting or gambling, seeing it as a form of degradation that leads an individual away from living an honest life. In the Qur’an, betting is viewed as a shameless activity that transforms individuals into non-productive social beings who depend on luck rather than work to earn a living.


Turkey Casino industry

While Turkey once had a flourishing casino industry, almost all types of betting are currently restricted in the country. In 1998, the casino games were banned after the murder of Ömer Lütfü Topal, a Turkish businessman who was named the “Casino King” because of the numerous betting ventures that earned him a fortune. Following his demise, the casino industry was targeted by the government due to suspicions as being used to encourage organized crime and money laundering.
The only legal betting activities in Turkey are horse betting, sports betting offered by IDDAA and the national privatized lottery. Any other type of betting is viewed as an infringement of law and is liable to a penalty.


The Safest Online Casino in Antalya

Finding the safest online casino Antalya is where the real challenge lies. As said earlier, it is a highly competitive industry and risky for Turkish citizens. But here are a few lists of online sites and Casino in Istanbul you can try if you still want to take the risk.


• 1xbet Casino.
• 1xslots Casino online.
• 888Casino for international Players.

Antalya Casino with exciting games

Also, in Antalya casino and Casino Istanbul there are exciting casino games you can play such as Blackjack, otherwise called twenty-one, is a favorite game played in the online casino. It involves comparing card between several players and a dealer, where each player competes against the dealer. Other games that can be played in Antalya casino are Roulette, Slot machines, Baccarat and lots more. Remember playing casino games in Antalya or Turkey is at your own risk. We have also puttogether a casino list ( en iyi online casinolar listesi )  about turkish casino!


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