India Casino: Is it Legal to Gamble on an Online Casino in India? – Casino Help

India Casino: Is it Legal to Gamble on an Online Casino in India? – Casino Help

Gambling is emerging as one of the most prominent legalized online platform in India. An initiative brought forward with astonishing innovations adjacent to the flavors of Indian standards of gambling. As the modern-day technology has clasped hands with potential ways leading towards innovation, online India casino has opened countable ways for people to invest and earn profit. With the unclear status of gambling, people of India with a bird’s eye view forms a perspective of a non-legalized platform which is not true. There is no federal law which proclaims that online gambling is prohibited in India.

Yes, gambling is legalized in India. Under the State-wise anti-gambling law which is also referred as ‘Gaming Enactments’, regulates online India casino. As the state of Sikkim has enacted a license regime offering online games through Intranet under the Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008, allowing number of games to be trailed such as Roulette, Casino Brag and Black Jack.

Now moving to the next point, EkBet (one of the innovative and prominent online casinos in India) had several Enquiries asking some of the questions. We will try to answer in the best possible way we can.

1.     Can I get arrested for using gambling websites in India?

In accordance with the history, no individual had ever been accused or prosecuted for playing online gambling in India. But we cannot assure you that it wouldn’t happen. It may be likely to happen depending on the state-wise Gaming Enactments revisions. As the gambling laws are unclear, it is hard to prosecute someone on the basis of unclear amendment of the Parliament of India.

2.     Is it legal to use International gambling sites in India?

Yes, it is legal to use international gambling sites in India.

3.     Is it legal to withdraw money from EkBet I’ve won through Gambling?

Yes, it is legal to withdraw any money from EkBet you’ve won through gambling.

As EkBet is a legalized online platform for India casino and International casino standards, it allows you to switch between Foreign and Indian gambling platforms. In some regions, states and even countries online gambling is prohibited. In this case, you are required to be in compliance with your local laws.

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Author: Hazel Howard